Bright Spot Community

Bright Spot is coming soon!

Around the same time that FeelWrite was born, I also began to dream of an online community where folks could exchange ideas, inspiration, and encouragement.

Bright Spot will be similar to the in-person experience of FeelWrite, but in an online forum, with a wider geographical scope.

I chose the name because I wanted something that would express the joy and “lift” that I hoped this virtual time together would bring to the lives of those touched by it. That it would be something to look forward to — a bright spot” in the week, so to speak.

But slightly more literal, a place where brilliance happens.

I can’t wait to unleash, unlock and share our brilliance together.

By lighting our own paths, we shall illumine the hearts of others. Because like the old adage says: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

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