Sing With Me

Songtides are rising! 🙂

A budding community choir for anyone who:

is seeking and/or loves community
likes to sing
wants to sing
thinks they might like or want to sing.

Scratch all of that. A choir for anyone!
You don’t need an audition song. You don’t need to know “where you belong”.
You don’t need to know any technical terms or how to read music.
If you have a willingness to be a little bit silly, and show up for one another in song—you’re in!

Songtides is an inclusive, open, warm and welcome place to come and sing—for the fun of it! We sing because: it brings us joy, it heals us, it connects us—to those we sing with, to ourselves, and to the world at large—and lots of other reasons, just as individual as what we bring to rehearsal.

Singing changes things. Even if we’re singing silly songs about fruit—it’s all good. Anything that gets us out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies is good.
Anything that reminds us to breathe is good. Anything that reminds us that we have more in common than dividing us—is good.