Wings. {Poem}—Elephant Journal


Everyone’s got them.
Not in the literal sense of course,
but figuratively, we all do.
Those things that lift us from the ground.
Sometimes it’s hard to keep focus.
Always accused of having one’s head in the clouds, yes.
That thing that keeps pulling you.
Tugging you away, stirring you awake.
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I’m in the process of importing content from:

  • The backs of receipts
  • The “Notes” App on my iPhone
  • My brain, my heart, my very being! *dramatic thunderclap*

Please be patient while I’m in this process!

In the meantime, please check out my “In Other Words” page, to find my posts on Elephant Journal!

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12 Mindful Months | Elephant Journal

It would appear that elephant journal has unknowingly shaped my 2017.

Last night as I was preparing to kiss 2016 goodbye and embrace 2017 with open arms, I found a Facebook live video in which Waylon mused that “resolutions” can feel incredibly guilt-laden, and that it’s easier on ourselves and others if we consider changing our language around the new year to focus on “aspirations” rather than “resolutions.”…..Read more here.

What Makes Your Heart Sing | Elephant Journal

As we age, we complicate everything.

We second guess. Our inner voice gets loud (and sometimes mean). We trust our intuition less, and we forget what the song of our heart sounds like. We lose our childlike ability to say yes to moving, or to making new friends without overthinking it.

Getting bogged down in the details and our perceived realities becomes the order of the day.

Four months ago I was stuck.….Read more here.

Secrets | Elephant Journal

The unnamed dance of socially acceptable versus soul-fully acceptable.

I’ve always felt that because I was unable to clearly define the way I feel—or how I identify—that I had to keep the fact that I might be anything outside the status quo a secret.


We are all made to believe that this is a dirty word…...Read more here.

A Little Bit of Love | Elephant Journal

My roommate had to go on a work trip, about a four hour drive away.

She asked if I wanted to come along. For me, this meant: a weekend away, getting to see some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, and helping her out a bit working with kids. I said sure.

As funny as it might sound, at the age of 30, I’d never stayed at a bed and breakfast before.

We arrived to a beautiful home with cobblestone steps and a garden outside. Inside? A stunning wooden staircase that looked like it had come from a movie, and more fancy dishes than I would have ever known what to do with. The owner told us…..Read more here

Fragile {Poem} | Elephant Journal


Like wires frayed. Thin and red. Desperately trying to connect for sound. But there’s only…static.

Listen intently.
From the noise comes

This is non-conventional.

How can you hear music
from such a mess?
These wires reaching, clinging
with….Read more here.

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